How online study works

Your Assessment

As a rule, our online courses consist of four modules. Each module has 2-4 units, and each unit has 3-10 assessment tasks. Some of these are fairly straightforward, while some are more involved, but they’re all designed to allow you to show your progression through each unit.

Assessment types include:

  • Preparing written documents
  • Answering questions online
  • Simulated assessments
  • Workplace assessments
  • Video and audio presentations

All assessments are submitted online, so you won’t need to mail anything. Once you’ve submitted an assessment task, your trainer will mark it and post your results with their comments within three to five business days.

You’ll need to receive ‘Satisfactory’ for every assessment in a unit to achieve a ‘Competent’ grading. To complete each module, you’ll need a ‘Competent’ grade in every unit, and once you’ve completed all four modules, you’ll receive your full Certificate or Diploma qualification.