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Unique student identifier

In January 2015, the Australian Government introduced the Unique Student Identifier (USI), a personal 10-character number made up of letters and numerals. To study any nationally recognised training course, including Open Training’s certificate and diploma courses, you’ll need a USI.

What is it?

Your USI is an online account that contains your personal details and gives you access to all your nationally recognised training records and results from January 2015 onwards.

When you enrol in an Open Training course, you’ll need to advise us of your USI, so we can update it with your results.

How to create a USI

If you don’t have a USI yet, you can create one following these steps:

1.Have two forms of ID and your personal contact details (email address, mobile phone number or address) ready

2.Visit the USI website, select the ‘Create a USI’ link and follow the steps

3.Agree to the Terms and Conditions

4.Follow the instructions and create a USI. It will then be displayed on screen and sent to your preferred method of contact

5.Keep a record of your USI somewhere safe

More information is available on the USI website.