Is time wasting becoming a national epidemic?

Is time wasting becoming a national epidemic?

This infographic shows how much time is wasted by the average Australian!

Infographic showing how time wasting is becoming a national epidemic.

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Is time wasting becoming a national epidemic?

- The average Australian spends 28 hours of their spare time each week using technology devices (equal to 62 days or 9 weeks per year).

- Aussies spend an average of 58 minutes each day using social media (equal to 15.7 mil. hours each day Australia-wide).

- 2 in 5 Aussies (39%) felt they wasted most of their spare time in 2013.

- 60% of (3 in 5) Aussies avoided doing more important things.

- 36% of (1 in 3 Aussies) can’t remember what they did.

- 42% of (2 in 5 Aussies) felt they didn’t improve in anything.

- The majority (88%) of Aussies agree that technology has made life more convenient.

- 4 in 5 Aussies (81%) agree they could use their spare time more productively.

- More than half of Aussies (52%) would like to use their spare time in 2014 to learn something new.

- 31% would like to improve their career in 2014.

- 23% would like to take a short course.

- 22% would like to get a new qualification.

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