Notice To Students

Notice To Students

The future of Open Training Institute

Open Training Institute will be ceasing operations once all of our currently enrolled students have completed their studies. As of March 1st we will no longer be accepting new enrolments into any of our courses.

We anticipate that this will have few, if any, implications for our students, but before we get to that important information, we want to share our reasons for the decision, including the difficulties the sector as a whole has recently faced.

Why we've made the decision

When we established Open Training Institute two and a half years ago we had an ambitious but very clear vision: to offer students high-quality, highly flexible online vocational education, supported by real people at an affordable price.

We believe we managed to turn that vision into reality. So why have we now made this decision?

Unfortunately, over the same period the vocational education sector has changed markedly. It is very different now to the way it was even eighteen months ago, and certainly from the way it was when we were first setting up Open Training Institute in 2013.

Most damaging among these changes was the influx of certain organisations that took advantage of government subsidies as well as students. Instead of putting education first, they thought only about profits and through exceptionally high fees left many students in deep debt with very little to show for it. To put it bluntly, they ripped students off. This led to a great deal of negative publicity.

That negativity spread throughout the sector, to some extent tarring decent providers with the same brush as the unscrupulous ones. This has led to enormous uncertainty, which has affected Open Training Institute profoundly. We feel we cannot continue to operate in such an environment without very serious compromises, either fundamentally decreasing the support we offer to students or drastically increasing prices.   Doing either of these things would mean completely changing our philosophy. This has left us with only one option. An option we have taken reluctantly.

What this means for you

As we've outlined above, our objective has always been to create an education experience that meets the needs of students. What matters most to us is how this decision affects them.

If you are a student, it doesn't matter whether you enrolled last month or eighteen months ago, we will give you the opportunity to complete your course through Open Training Institute. More importantly, we will continue to provide the same level of training, support and service throughout that period.

If you were planning to complete your qualification during your contracted period with us, you will notice no difference at all. We realise that this news will come as a surprise, and that you may have questions, so we encourage you to visit our FAQs page or give us a call on 13 87 75.

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