Our Promise

Our Promise

Open Training Institute is here to help you get your qualification

The practices of some private vocational education and training (VET) providers have been the subject of recent government scrutiny - both Federal and State - adverse media coverage and public outrage. Here at Open Training Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Open Universities Australia and Australia’s leader in online learning, we do not engage in any practice that is misleading, deceptive, unethical or unfair.

Whether you're just starting out or have several years under your professional belt, our online courses will arm you with relevant, practical skills and a Nationally Recognised Training qualification to support your career.

When you study with us you get:

  • The quality that comes with a nationally accredited qualification that is recognised by Australian employers, registered training organisations and leading Australian universities;
  • The super-charged flexibility of online study so you can study at your own pace;
  • Expert support from our student advisors, trainers and specialist student coaches to help you every step of the way.

There's no catch, no gimmicks, no giveaways. Just the qualification you enrol in.

Think you need our help? Call 13 87 75 and talk to one of our student advisors.

Our promise to you

  1. We have a fundamental belief in the power of education, and we have a commitment to providing access to quality courses and qualifications to students who have a reasonable prospect of successfully completing them.
  2. We do not sell courses to people just to derive revenue for our benefit; we are committed to our students’ educational success and we take that responsibility very seriously.
  3. We do not use VET FEE_HELP as a means to charge exorbitant prices that are not fair or commensurate with the education that we provide, and that lead to unmanageable debts for students.
  4. We are clear about a student’s financial commitment and how it will be paid. We are up-front about the total cost to our students and if they elect to pay through any form of deferred payment scheme, we are clear on the terms of that scheme and what liabilities they will incur.
  5. We do not offer incentives such as free iPads or laptops to entice students into enrolling in a course. We will occasionally undertake promotions for particular courses that might see discounting of prices, scholarships or other incentives, but we will not engage in “giveaways” to entice an enrolment.
  6. We price our qualifications on the basis of the entire qualification but, if for some reason our students withdraw before completing the course, their financial obligation to us is only up to and including the module they are currently undertaking.
  7. Our contact centre operators are trained to offer courses to people based on their needs. We use an internal contact centre and a contracted vendor contact centre. The call operators in our contracted vendor contact centre are trained to offer the right qualification to students, not to merely sell any qualification.
  8. We do not contract agents at all to sell door-to-door, or in public spaces, through means that involve high-pressured sales techniques.
  9. We do not engage in practices that involve contacting people who have applied for jobs on jobs boards and offer them qualifications to help them be successful in obtaining jobs in the future.

Download our statement as a PDF

If you'd like to know more, call 13 87 75 and one of our student advisors can help you.